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Useful Tips On Writing A Banking Thesis – Words 312

If you are about to sign up for writing a banking thesis, then you should consider all pros and cons, evaluate your experience, background knowledge and an overall capability to manage such serious projects. Thesis is a lot more complex then an essay or a research paper and requires a lot of effort on your behalf, so stop wasting your time and get down to work. Time is your best friend and your worst enemy when writing a thesis, so the sooner you will start, the more chances you will have to finish your task on time and will still have an opportunity to go over it and make some improvement if necessary.

First thing you have to do on your way to a successful banking thesis is to select a good topic. If you are experiencing difficulties with that, you can approach professionals at Superior Essays Custom Paper Writing Service and we will help you. Selecting a relevant topic is one of the most important stages during the writing process, so make sure that it meets high standards associated with thesis writing and that you will be able to cover it properly. Besides that, consider the fact that the topic you have chosen has to be up-to-date and correspond to people’s needs and real world interests.

The next step that you have to take after deciding on the topic of your banking thesis is to figure out how to approach this topic and what research methods to choose. Keep your main focus on collecting real-life materials (fortunately, there are many financial institutions that you might go to and talk there with banking experts and people who use bank services regularly). Develop a pole with relevant questions and you will know for certain what people think about the topic you have chosen and that will give you a good starting point.

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Research Papers Thesis Dissertations Shouldnt Waste Our Time Put Acknowledgements in Rear – Words 478

One of the great things about reading research papers online these days is you dont have to worry about getting the physical copy. It doesnt waste paper by downloading a research report, and it is quite inexpensive to do so, and therefore it is a brilliant way for humanity to share information in the scientific endeavor. Still, time is of the essence and with more data and research material to go through it takes time, and time is critical as we have many challenges to solve in our society and civilization, that is if humanity is to succeed long-term.

Okay so lets talk about something thats been irking me with regard to online research papers. One thing I find fascinating is all of the fluff put into research papers, thesis, and dissertations. I am speaking about things like me acknowledgment section, where the preparer spends a good 1 1/2 to 2 pages thanking everyone under the sun, their academic institution, and everyone else.

Whereas it may help increase the validity of their work, pretending to stand on the shoulders of semi-giants, I also believe that these acknowledgment sections in research papers belong in the very back after all of the bibliography, references, and research data. Im talking about the very last page of the research paper. Why you ask?

Because science is not supposed to be an endeavor of self-aggrandizement, or promoting oneself or ones academic friends, it is about the research, not about the people. It is about the validity of the observations and findings. Further, because time is money, and time is wasted in reading all the acknowledgments, and because it takes a long time to scroll down the page, these things do not belong in the front of the research paper. It is aggravating to have to skip down 10 pages of nonsense, such as a notation that; this page left intentionally blank for instance, just to get to what you are looking for.

Perhaps we should also realize that our society is changing, people have less patience, and they want their information in 140 characters or less. When we search things online, we want the information now, we want it to be free, and we want exactly what were looking for. We need better search algorithms to give us that information, but we also need researchers and those that prepare the information to realize these facts. No one has time to listen to all that dribble, all that puffery, and all that ass-kissing.

Besides that, we know that the acknowledgment section is really put forth to maintain an academic elite club, one which may not be deserved on the far out niche of that science tree, we dont need any more leaf masters as one of my research friends likes to call them. Please consider all this and think on it.

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How To Start A Research Paper – Words 1445

A paper is a sort of college composition that needs an addition to academic, major and orderly degree of question. Although a college research papers is a class of academic research paper, some research papers do not involve scholastic exploration. Hence, not every paper might be seen as academic research paper.

In general, writing research papers isnt a sure bet, although is sort of manageable provided you build up a strategy and stick to it. your roadmap ought to fire up with the foundation of a rational timeline, describing your information gathering, pre-writing, writing as well as revision actions.

10 simple guidelines to composing a custom research paper are such:

1. Isolate the area. Make the key point a question.

As an example, if you have an interest in finding out about marijuana abuse by teens, the thesis would remind the following question: What are the effects of drug abuse by teens? Discover the primary thoughts or key words in the inquiry.

2. Gather figures for the paper. Lookup your key words in the listings to resources that are related to your topic claim. Read reports featuring in those resources to set the framework for your investigation. Note whichever important bits and pieces in the bibliographies on the last page of the book content. Additional information may possibly be stumbled on in the class notes as well as textbooks.

3. Take notes. As you read, you are supposed to pay attention to major ideas along with supporting details from your information material. Writing down each tip on a separate note card allows you to keep track of all the information you are gathering, as well as the consists of of this information. It is recommended to create notes in your own words. Be accurate when recording quotes. Information about the topic is better learned when put into own words. Make it a point to include the complete origin information in support of all of the notes you utilize. Origin particulars consists of author of the source, source title, publication itself, date along with city of release, and lowdown about publisher. Online sources should contain the URL address and retrieval date.

4. Devise. Using your notes, spot all of the major ideas or main arguments regarding the topic statement. Crowd all sustaining questions around each core point identified. Never worry about cleaning up. This will be done later as soon as you advance your outline. Brainstorming technique is undoubtedly an great technique to foster lots of thoughts on a particular subject and afterward find out which idea is the finest resolution. Brainstorming is generally effective with groups of 7-10 participants and so is supposed to be performed in a unbent setting. As long as people feel free to loosen up and joke around, theyll stretch their creativity more and, as a result, therefore churn out extra resourceful ideas.

1. Define and settle on the goal.
2. Brainstorm points and suggestions having approved a time cutoff point.
3. Afterward, label, condense, combine, refine.
4. Subsequently, evaluate the results.
5. Prioritize options.
6. Approve on plan and timeframe.
7. Finally, keep under control and screen follow-up.

Mind-mapping might relieve you while doing brainstorm. Mind mapping is a pictorial method of communicating ideas from our brains onto paper swiftly and easily. Through practice you will discover that your brain is able to produce ideas quicker than the pen can write them down on paper. Our brain produces thoughts in a unsystematic sequence certain things are likely to result in new ideas that pilot to suggestions, images as well as creative concepts. It indicates that the subliminal part of our brain is operating and not resting passively.

5. Develop a viable thesis sentence. After youve fulfilled the initial research and inventing stages, youre all set to examine your notes and decide what you feel like saying in relation to your topic. Simply speaking, thesis statement is the point youre expressing about your subject matter that you want your audience to see after having read your paper. It then becomes the initial thesis sentence. You may possibly operate this thesis statement in the role of the main statement from which to construct your argument. When developing the thesis statement, enclose it in one statement. the thesis is comparable a testimony of something that you have faith in, seeing that the core part of the academic writing will comprise of claims to prop up and defend it.

6. Compose an outline. When establishment of a preliminary rundown, mull over the subject matter firstly and lay it into reasonable arrangement before you begin. Having a fine outline is the important thing to finishing a first-class paper. Bring in in your outline an opening paragraph, where you, the author present your thesis as well as the rationale of the paper; the body, where you state justification in bookish tone to sustain the assertion of your thesis statement; and, lastly, your conclusion, where you run through the ideas.

7. Constitute your paper in a draft. Make sure that that the arguments in the draft flow logically from one to the other. Form your research paper to have an opening paragraph, a body, and a final paragraph. In opening paragraph, present your thesis statement and the objective of your paper plainly. What exactly is the foremost motive youre making the research paper? Moreover, state the way you expect to come near the issue. Is it an investigation of a question, a article critique, a comparison, or a objective report? Describe in a few words the major arguments you, the author are adjust to to check in your research paper and reasons for audience must be concerned about the subject matter. Main part is laid out after the opening. This is where you demonstrate your grounds in order to defend your thesis sentence. Consider the Rule of three, which is: allot three defending reasonings in favor of each opinion you, the author be responsible for. Get underway in the company of a clear argument, after that draw on a tough line of reasoninger one, lastly finish off by means of the strongest claim for your finishing point. Conclusion entails you to paraphrase or say differently the thesis. Summarize your arguments. Explain why youve come up with your individual assumption.

8. Reference resources. Grant recognition where acclaim is proper; cite your resources. Mentioning or cataloguing the resources utilized in the research fulfills two purposes, this offers well-earned acclaim to the authors of the resources utilized, as well as this allows individuals who are evaluating the work to duplicate the work and sniff out the sources which youve indexed in the function of references. Meaningfully rendering the effort of other folks as the product of the own mind is infringement of copyright. Severely stick to the mentioning rules of the format thats required for your assignment. Analyze advice of APA, MLA, Harvard, an alternative format accepted by the instructor. Be sure you sit down with the proper style handbook before putting citations into the research paper.

9. Rethink your paper. Glance at your research paper for any text flaws. Check and re-check the facts and figures. Arrange and then reorganize points to go along the draft. Alter the draft as long as required, but for ever and a day go on the purpose of the paper and the audience in mind.

10. Employ submission checklist. Following a submission check list confirms that the research paper is geared up for submission.

Rest assured you have built-in all the required research paper constituents and have followed the stylistic rules:

  1. Have I proved my thesis with robust defending arguments?
  2. Were the entire source materials properly named to make certain that I am not infringe copyright?
  3. Have I proved my intentions and ideas transparent in the research paper?
  4. Did I tag on my synopsis? Did I fail to see anything?
  5. Is my thesis sentence incisive and transparent?
  6. Are my arguments staged in a reasonable order?

Given that you have positive replies to every one of these checklist question items, the writing is all set for turning in.

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Comprehensive Editing – EresearchpapersCom Research Papers Research Paper Topics How To Write A Research Paper – Words 1719

Comprehensive Editing Service

College Research Papers & Essays Written By Experts!!!

We are the experts when it comes to putting great ideas on paper.  Our editing service continues this great tradition we’ve been known for since 1996.  Our expert editing service was created specifically because so many students wanted to put their own ideas on paper but wanted a second opinion before handing in their papersto their professors.

A second opinion can be the difference between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’…

We simplify the process by providing superior editing services that allow students to hand in their term papers with confidence, knowing that an expert has helped them polish their ideas.  Every paper we return edited is presented in a matter that is grammatically correct and easy to follow.  Would you like to improve your paper?  Our editing service is the perfect answer to your writing dilemma.

You get more than just editing with our service!

With every editing order placed you receive a half-page explanation that details the changes your editor made and the reason for these changes.  Our professional editors will critically analyze and edit your document with regard to the following criteria:



  • Appropriate level of writing (PhD, Graduate, Undergraduate, etc.)
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Passive voice corrected
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Tense (consistency and appropriateness of present, past and future)
  • Punctuation
  • Common ESL issues (definite and indefinite articles, tense, number agreement etc.)
  • Inappropriate sexist or racist language (corrected with respect to inadvertent use of sexist or racist terminology)
  • Awkward sentence structure
  • Syntax
  • Capitalization
  • Content
  • Commonly misused words (e.g., they’re for their; its for its etc.) Use of acronyms and abbreviations 
  • Accuracy of technical language and terminology
  • Use of foreign words and phrases
  • Use of bold, underlining and italics
  • Highlight text for possible cuts (repetition, vague language and redundancies)
  • Consistency with relevant style guide (MLA, APA, Chicago Style etc.) 
  • Correct citation style (footnotes, endnotes, parenthetical notes) 
  • Margins
  • Page alignment
  • Consistent footers, note and page numbering
  • Design of Cover, Title and Copyright pages
  • Accuracy of the Table of Contents (reflecting headings, page numbering)
  • Table and Figure legends (numbering and text to reflect the given table)


  • Accuracy of thesis statement (focus, relevance to document)
  • Structural coherence of the document as a whole
  • Introduction and Conclusion (relevance and integration into the body
  • of the paper)
  • Cross-referencing within document
  • Headings (relevance to given sections)
  • Paragraph structure (topic sentences, lengths, transitions)
  • Structural redundancy
  • Logical flow of arguments

With all the benefits you receive with our editing service you probably think you’ll be paying the same as our writing service!?!?!  Absolutely not, remember you also get 24 hour customer support when you order from  Our editing rates are very competitive even though we go far beyond simply editing.  Here are our rates for editing:

Let the experts improve your essay with our detailed editing service.  We go over your paper with extreme detail so the end result is a great essay or term paper.  Our experienced editing experts correct your mistakes and explain everything to you so you don’t make the same mistakes next time.  When it comes to editing you can shop with confidence
as we are a north American service with a 24-hour toll free hotline so you can call us if you have any questions.

If you are planning on writing your own paper from scratch or have already written it, here are some good reasons why you should order our essay editing service:

1.  Our dependable service runs 24-hours to help you resolve any questions.
2.  Our editors can edit your essay in a moments notice.
3.  Every editor is a native English speaker so quality stays extremely high
4.  The price of our editing service is so affordable – anyone can order it!

You get all of these bonuses and an ABSOLUTELY FREE GUIDE!

Remember, when you purchase our editing service you get a FREE copy of Term Paper Writing Guide!  A 12-page manual that simplifies essay writing to the basics.  With its easy to read format and its numerous real-paper examples makes it an extremely beneficial guide that helps you save time and increase your marks.

Let us do our job we do it very well!

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5 Things to Consider in Doing Research Paper – Words 314

Research paper is a type of academic writing that entitles a more theoretical and decisive thinking. It is considered as part of every student’s life, thus, making it one essential tool to gauge a student’s critical and analytical capabilities.

Basically, doing research papers are crucial since it requires time and effort so as to come up with proficient answers to queries. It really takes a lot of sweat before coming up with probable solutions to problems.

With that regard, here are five things that students should bear in mind in writing research works.

1. Never choose a topic that is out of personal interest. In doing research papers, it is always easier if the topic being discussed interests the writer itself. A number of ideas come up if the topic levels the writer’s interests, thus allowing exemplary research paperwork.

2. Never use needless words. Students often think that the fluffier their sentences are, the more it becomes enticing. The fact is, most of the time, the thought is being taken for granted because of these needless words. Remember, always keep your thoughts simple and clear.

3. Keep thoughts intact. This means, focus on the topic and the topic itself only. Nonetheless, your research paper will be a crap.

4. Don’t let failure distract you. In every research work, failure attacks. With that, never let it hinder in producing an optimum research work.

5. Always consult the opinion of other people. Admit it, it is always good to hear feed backs. Feed backs are considered the engine in knowing the effective of your work. It really helps in creating a more efficient research outcome.

Basically, these tips will help students create their papers without any hassle. It also guarantees students of having excellent research paper outcome that would entice its readers. Rest assured that it will change every student’s view about doing research paper.

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MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services

MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services

Welcome to Our MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services. Before writing a dissertation, you are required to write a dissertation proposal to gain the approval to carry out your research. It presents your research in support of the topic selected. It gives insight as to what you intend to do. Basically, your MLA dissertation proposal should introduce and give a summary of your research goals and the methodology you plan to use to investigate on the topic of research. All this should follow the MLA style of writing.

MLA dissertation proposal should be your tool to convince the dissertation committee that your research question is worth undertaking and that you are capable of completing the research successfully.

There are key factors to consider when writing MLA dissertation proposal:

These three key factors will serve as a guide to writing a persuasive dissertation proposal.

  1. You should have accurate research question. It should be presented in a manner to convince the reader of its feasibility and likelihood to embellish your field of study.
  2. Hypotheses that can be tested with ease.
  3. A thorough plan for testing your hypotheses.

The purpose of MLA dissertation proposal

  • To bring out your argument or discourse. The proposal suggests how your argument will be proved, demonstrating them by use of brief illustrations.
  • To give an explanation of how your discourse/argument will fit together.
  • To outline the methodology of your research. This gives an outline of how you will build your argument, what tools you will use and the approach you intend to use to gather your information.

The basic format of an MLA dissertation proposal has the following elements:

  • A title page
  • A problem statement/ research question
  • Literature review of the published sources
  • A comprehensive research plan that will be used in writing up the dissertation document

Formatting your MLA dissertation proposal.

In-text citations

An MLA Dissertation proposal should follow the guidelines of MLA style of writing. As for the

In-text citations, the rule is that the author’s last name is written in parentheses, followed by the page number of the document used.


The page numbers in an MLA dissertation proposal follows a defined structure that can be modified by your instructor. Normally, you should write your last name followed by the page number. This should appear at the upper right corner of each page.

Work cited page

Finally, for the reference page, the format of your MLA dissertation proposal should follow the rules and guidelines, depending on the type of the document used. Contact us for more information on the referencing.

The entire process of writing an MLA dissertation proposal is hectic and difficult. It consumes a lot of time compiling all the information required in writing the proposal. That is why takes pride in providing professional guidance in writing your MLA dissertation proposal.

Buy MLA Dissertation Proposal at a Discount

  • With our team of proficient writers, well versed with the MLA style of writing, you are guaranteed to receive top quality MLA dissertation proposal of your choice.
  • We function 24/7 to make our services accessible and highly reliable to all our customers. What’s more, we offer fantastic discounts to our customers for repeat business.
  • Our commitment to meeting your deadline is definite.
  • Our professional writers will present a well structured MLA dissertation proposal to impress your instructor on time. All you have to do is place your order now and experience the difference in our service delivery. You will get the ideal writer to tackle your dissertation topic to your satisfaction.