MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services

MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services

Welcome to Our MLA Dissertation Proposal writing services. Before writing a dissertation, you are required to write a dissertation proposal to gain the approval to carry out your research. It presents your research in support of the topic selected. It gives insight as to what you intend to do. Basically, your MLA dissertation proposal should introduce and give a summary of your research goals and the methodology you plan to use to investigate on the topic of research. All this should follow the MLA style of writing.

MLA dissertation proposal should be your tool to convince the dissertation committee that your research question is worth undertaking and that you are capable of completing the research successfully.

There are key factors to consider when writing MLA dissertation proposal:

These three key factors will serve as a guide to writing a persuasive dissertation proposal.

  1. You should have accurate research question. It should be presented in a manner to convince the reader of its feasibility and likelihood to embellish your field of study.
  2. Hypotheses that can be tested with ease.
  3. A thorough plan for testing your hypotheses.

The purpose of MLA dissertation proposal

  • To bring out your argument or discourse. The proposal suggests how your argument will be proved, demonstrating them by use of brief illustrations.
  • To give an explanation of how your discourse/argument will fit together.
  • To outline the methodology of your research. This gives an outline of how you will build your argument, what tools you will use and the approach you intend to use to gather your information.

The basic format of an MLA dissertation proposal has the following elements:

  • A title page
  • A problem statement/ research question
  • Literature review of the published sources
  • A comprehensive research plan that will be used in writing up the dissertation document

Formatting your MLA dissertation proposal.

In-text citations

An MLA Dissertation proposal should follow the guidelines of MLA style of writing. As for the

In-text citations, the rule is that the author’s last name is written in parentheses, followed by the page number of the document used.


The page numbers in an MLA dissertation proposal follows a defined structure that can be modified by your instructor. Normally, you should write your last name followed by the page number. This should appear at the upper right corner of each page.

Work cited page

Finally, for the reference page, the format of your MLA dissertation proposal should follow the rules and guidelines, depending on the type of the document used. Contact us for more information on the referencing.

The entire process of writing an MLA dissertation proposal is hectic and difficult. It consumes a lot of time compiling all the information required in writing the proposal. That is why prestigedissertations.com takes pride in providing professional guidance in writing your MLA dissertation proposal.

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