· What changes might be made to improve the policy

Policy Paper (50 points): Identify a public policy that is relevant to aging. This might be some aspect of Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, or any other policy (federal, state or local) that is relevant. Using information provided by the agency that established the policy (e.g. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), write a one to two page summary that includes: · What aspect of the policy is your focus? · In your view, how does this policy support or inhibit positive aging? · What changes might be made to improve the policy (e.g. expand it to a larger audience, improve funding, alter a provision of the regulations)? · How might you contribute to efforts to make changes in the policy? Papers will be graded on the extent to which they address the four questions above, as well as correct APA format, correct grammar and syntax, and logical organization. Purpose of this assignment: Public policy dramatically influences the experience of aging. It also dramatically influences health care delivery. Professionals must understand existing policies, work within them and, if they are problematic, work with others to influence change. This assignment is designed to help you: 1) learn about existing policies; 2) learn to think analytically about those policies; 3) understand the advocacy process; and 4) write concisely and clearly.