1, Provide at least two issues related to access to youth and community sport? Provide a solution to addressing the issues.

*utilize your textbook to answer the discussion questions
Community and Youth Sport-chapter 6
1, Provide at least two issues related to access to youth and community sport? Provide a solution to addressing the issues.
2, Provide two challenges that exist in managing youth and community sport? How can each of those challenges be addressed?
3, How does social media influence the work of sport managers in the various sectors of youth and community sport? How could social media be utilized to address a challenge that currently exists?
Interscholastic Athletics-chapter 7
1, What are major operational differences between public and private school athletics departments?
2, What future changes do you see in terms of the media’s influence at the high school level? Provide a plan of how that change might take place.
3, There are nine issues facing interscholastic athletics listed in your book. As a group pick at least two issues and explain how you would address the issue. Consider the issue from a business perspective and an athletic perspective.
Intercollegiate Athletics-chapter 8
1, How many Division I athletics departments make a profit? Are there different or additional ways that profits could be made? How?
2, Why is there concern about the rate of spending in men’s sports at the Division I level compared with the rate of spending in women’s sports? Can the gap be reduced? How?
3, What are the possible rules violations that athletics development officers need to be aware of, what are the current sanctions/fines/etc. What are some additional violations and corresponding penalties that might be added based on the evolution of collegiate sports?
Professional Sport-chapter 9
1, Since 1850, what have been the three most significant developments affecting the growth of professional sport? Do you see any additional avenues for growth?
How have cable television media rights deals entered into by teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers affected the teams, the league, fans, and professional sports? What are two or three recent television rights deals that have been signed? What do you see are the advantages and disadvantages of such deals for the various stakeholders involved? What might another potential deal, similar to the cable television media rights, be? Brainstorm a few ideas.
Can professional sport continue to grow its revenues? Identify how a current revenue source could be enhanced or identify a new revenue source that hasn’t been developed and explain how it could work.