1. Select a target population2. Investigate oral health issues related to this

1. Select a target population
2. Investigate oral health issues related to this population
a. use 2 scholarly journals
3. Identify community organizations for collaboration and for help bringing the oral health
information/services to the target population
4. Plan a project for the target population based on collaboration with the community
agency and your investigation into the needs of this population
5. Implement the project
6. Evaluate the project
7. Write a report about the project
a. 2-3 pages, not including title page and references page (abstract not required)
b. Written in proper APA format
c. Using FIG. 11-13 – “Reflection Exercises”, assess SO, LO, and Service-Learning
and provide answers to the short response questions
d. The “Reflection Exercises” assessments and short answers should be written in
proper APA format