ceremonial speech directions


Make sure to reread the ceremonial speech directions before submitting.


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  • Speech:
    • Online courses must submit their speech via the media upload to the discussion below by the due date.
    • Face to face courses will present their speech on their designated class date.  Do notupload any videos.

Note: For face-to-face courses, any electronic visual must be uploaded to Canvas prior to class or brought on a USB drive. No email access will be allowed via the presentation computer. 


Special Occasion/Ceremonial Speech – submitted to the Discussion Board

According to your textbook, this speech is meant to “invite listeners to agree with you about the value of a person, object, event or place the special occasion revolves around.”

This includes speeches of welcome, introduction, nomination, recognition, acceptance, and tribute. However, this style can also be used for commencement, commemorative, and keynote addresses in addition to farewells, and entertaining speeches.

Refer back to your Ceremonial Speech Outlines to focus on having clearly noticeable sections of the speech:  Introduction, Body, Conclusion.

It is important to choose a topic you feel comfortable presenting and is appropriate for the audience that you will present to.  It also must be clear what type of ceremonial speech you are presenting from the list above.

For specific values of the presentation, a rubric is provided for review below.

Length: 1-3 minutes. Deduction of 5 points for every 30 seconds under/over the time All speeches will be cut off regardless at 4 minutes.