Module 02 Written Assignment – Fluid/Electrolyte Disturbances And ABG Interpretation

Complete the Fluid disturbance table and answer the following ABGs (Arterial Blood Gases).

NUR2571_Module 02 Arterial Blood Gases Worksheet_v2.docx

NUR2571_Module 02 Comparison of Fluid Deficit and Fluid Overload_v2.doc

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Needs at least one citation and reference

Interventions should have at LEAST:

3 things you would monitor/reassess,

3 things you would do or action

3 things you would teach your patient

Medication you would administer

Interpret the following Arterial Blood Gases

  1. pH 7.33 PaCO2 60 HCO3 34
  2. Normal ABG values
  3. Respiratory acidosis without compensation
  4. Respiratory acidosis with partial compensation
  5. Respiratory acidosis with full compensation
  6. pH 7.48 PaCO2 42 HCO3 30
  7. Metabolic acidosis without compensation
  8. Respiratory alkalosis with partial compensation
  9. Respiratory alkalosis with full compensation
  10. Metabolic alkalosis without compensation
  11. pH 7.38 PaCO2 38 HCO3 24
  12. Respiratory alkalosis
  13. Normal
  14. Metabolic Alkalosis
  15. None of the above
  16. pH 7.21 PaCO2 60 HCO3 24
  17. Normal
  18. Respiratory acidosis without compensation
  19. Metabolic acidosis with partial compensation
  20. Respiratory acidosis with complete compensation
  21. pH 7.48 PaCO2 28 HCO3 20
  22. Respiratory alkalosis with partial compensation
  23. Respiratory alkalosis with complete compensation
  24. Metabolic alkalosis without compensation
  25. Metabolic alkalosis with complete compensation