2 separate Short Essays Cinematography Analysis.

2 separate Short Essays: Cinematography Analysis.
EACH SHOULD BE 550 WORDS You are not meant to detail the entire scene by any means, but can focus on a few key shots and include selected screenshots from the clips to support your analysis.
ESSAY QS 1: What elements of cinematography are highlighted in this scene from Get Out? Be sure to mention the type of shots, framing, color, depth of field, and any special effects. How does this scene function as foreshadowing/is a telling scene that evokes the commentary of the film? Clip: https://youtu.be/uG_KHjd_PSc
ESSAY QS 2: Analyze the cinematography transition between the “real world” and “underworld,” death and rebirth in the last scene of Pan’s Labyrinth. What do you think is the intended meaning from this conclusion? Clip: https://youtu.be/cvjiQTdcCRU Do your own work. No plagiarizing from outside sources.