2000 word essay considering a nursing concept, a nursing skill and how you would incorporate the concept when undertaking the nursing skill

2000 word essay considering a nursing concept, a nursing skill and how you would incorporate the concept when undertaking the nursing skill.
Link to six senses framework of relationship centred care.
Underpin with literature.
The purpose of this essay is for you to consider how you would use a nursing concept whilst undertaking a nursing skill.
You will be allocated one of the following nursing concepts to consider within your essay:
Choose one of the following nursing skills to consider within your essay:
Elimination needs
Undertaking clinical observations (pulse, blood pressure, respiration and temperature)
Hygiene requirements
Assisting with nutrition.
Define the nursing concept and identify why this concept is important or relevant. (10%)
State the main features of the concept, the importance or how relevant e.g if dignity is allocated say what it is, how you comes about choosing the concept and how it may differ between different people.(service users).
Explain why you want to use this concept.
Should be approx. 200 words (i.e. half a page of A4).
Define the chosen nursing skill, and identify why you chose this skill. (10%)
Identify which skill of the 4 you have chosen to use within this essay
State the main features of the skill
EG if you chose assisting with nutrition, you could include how people can be assisted, in what circumstances and what you would need to observe for/ consider
Explain why you wanted to use this
Should be approx. 200 words.
Outline how the nursing concept would influence how the skill is undertaken in placement (50%)
You need to discuss how the concept would influence how you would undertake the skills
EG Dignity and assisting with nutrition- you could consider:
dignity in view of enabling the person’s choice of nutrition eg cultural requirements
Dignity in view of helping them to eat/ drink- allowing them to do what they can and helping them with aspects they find difficult.
Not rushing or appearing to be too busy to help.
This is the main part of your essay around 1,000 words.
Consider how the skill and the nursing concept supports one of the 6 senses of relationship centred care (10%)
You need to state which one of the 6 senses you want to consider eg belonging
Link the sense to the concept/ nursing skill
EG with respect, assisting with nutrition and belonging, you could consider that by knowing the person’s dietary needs and enabling them to be involved in meal time, this could create a sense of belonging
Should be approx. 200 words
Support the discussion with relevant literature (10%)
Use relevant literature as references within your essay
You will need to use some professional nursing texts as well as nursing care texts
If using online resources put the web address plus the date you last accessed (eg. Department of Health, DOH, 2011 National Diet and Nurtition Survery) http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsStatistics/DH_130728 (accessed 22/2/13) .

Demonstrate logical and coherent development in your work. It must be clearly presented (5%)
It needs to be clearly written and presented- use the marking guide to guide your structure
Include an introduction and conclusion
Use same font throughout (eg Arial size12)
Use 1.5 spacing
Use headers to structure discussion (these are included in word count)
The references are accurate and a recognised referencing system is used (5%)
Harvard format.
Alphabetical reference list
Do not use footnotes or annotations

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