3Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay In this essay, you will use at least two of the articles you read about technology and your own personal experiences to discuss how technology has an impact on our lives. You can decide if you would like to write about causes, effects, or a mixture of both, but in each body paragraph you must identify if you are discussing a cause or effect. Use quotes and information from the sources to support your ideas. Make sure you have correct parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page that is correct. Remember to use the chapter to help you plan this essay. A successful essay will: 1. Be in MLA format 2. Have an effective introduction with a thesis statement explaining whether you are talking about causes, effects, or both of technology in our lives. 3. Have three body paragraphs (with research and proper citations) that have clear topic sentences showing if the paragraph is about a cause or effect. 4. Have a good concluding paragraph. 5. Correct Works Cited page.


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