3Choose TWO of the following

Choose TWO of the following biographies by Suetonius, Lives of the Caesars: a- emperor Caligula; b- emperor Nero; c- emperor Domitian. Then analyze these TWO historical figures that you have chosen in the light of Suetonius’s text and discuss the following points, citing specific passages in the prose in order to support your analysis (250-300 words): a. How does Suetonius project the image of an infamous emperor? What are the behaviors of these “bad emperors” emperors that Suetonius describes in order to demonstrate their erratic conduct? b. Are these individuals portrayed as ‘bad’ since the beginning or do they evolve from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ in Suetonius biographies? If you believe that there is an evolution, describe and give reasons for this evolution. c. What does the way in which Suetonius represents these infamous emperors tell us in general about the Romans and Roman society? CHOOSE 2 of the following to write about: (250-300 words each prompt) 1. Explain the basis for being an “emperor”: What were his titles and actual powers, and how did these grow out of the Republic or otherwise come into being and develop over time? 2. How did Roman emperors from Augustus onward attempt (visually and in writing) to project the image of a benevolent, prosperous, and peaceful regime? Use specific examples. 3. Explain how the Roman Empire was transformed from a Principate into a Dominate. Analyze the historical figures, the major causes and political events that caused this transformation and delineate in sufficient detail those political, economic and socio- cultural transformations.


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