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Management Scenario #4 As leader of your work team, you were recently confronted by an angry fellow team member. Linda, a marketing agent on your advertising team, is upset because, for the third time in as many weeks, she was forced to give up part of her weekend for work. This time it was for a black-tie affair that everyone in the office tried to duck. Some team members were either out of town or had already volunteered for other assignments. Linda is particularly angry with Robert, who she feels should have represented the team at the awards dinner. But, he uttered the magic word: “family”. “Robert says he has plans with his family, and it is like a get-out-of-jail free card.” Linda complains to you. “I don’t resent him or his devotion to his family. But I do resent it when my team constantly expects me to give up my personal time because I don’t have kids. That is my choice, and I don’t think I should be punished for it.” You can feel the tension building in your team over this issue and you know you need to address this conflict. Your Task: Using information you have learned in the textbook, negotiate a conflict resolution or mediation plan (you decide which) for Linda and Robert and your team Here are some things to think about and consider addressing in your essay: Type of conflict Negotiation strategy Preparation steps Communication Trust Arguments on each side Alternatives What is the best solution? You may address this negotiation in an essay format (proper introduction/body/close). Relate some of the foundational concepts in negotiation and conflict management or mediation you have learned, to this situation. Maximum three pages, minimum two pages. Be sure to double space with correct grammar and punctuation.


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