5This assessment task is designed

This assessment task is designed to introduce you to finding literature, understanding its content and arguments, and restating that information in your own words. Choose a topic that interests you that is related to the content of this unit. Set yourself an inquisitive question related to your subject matter and answer it as part of your assignment. Examples that come to mind are: How do general and local anaesthetics work? What causes tremors in Parkinsons disease?; My friend has EhlersDanlos syndrome, I wonder what causes the symptoms and how is it cured?; Why is it that we always refer to contraception in females and not males? What is the basis of vaccination and why do antivaxers protest against it? Please choose an inquisitive question that excites you. Explore how cellular processes and whole organism anatomy and physiology interact with each other in explaining your answer to your set question. You will need to carefully plan your essay as it needs to be only 1500 words.


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