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Question – Would you classify the contemporary international political system as a liberal international order? Why or why not? Reading list International Affairs, Special Issue on ‘Ordering the World? Liberal Internationalism in Theory and Practice’, 94.1 (Jan. 2018). M. Doyle, “A Liberal View: Preserving and Expanding the Liberal Pacific Union” in T. Paul and J. Hall (eds) International Order (1999) S. Burchill, “Liberal Internationalism” in S. Burchill and A. Linklater (eds) Theories of International Relations (1996) F. Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man (1992) S. Huntington, “The Clash of Civilisations?”, Foreign Affairs, vol 72, no.3 Hopgood, S. “Reading the Small Print in Global Civil Society: the Inexorable Hegemony of the Liberal Self”, Millennium Journal of International Studies 29:1(2000):1-27. Mary Kaldor, “The Idea of Global Civil Society”, International Affairs 79:3(May 2003):583-594. T. Dunne, “Liberalism” in J. Baylis and S. Smith (eds) Globalization of World Politics (1997). Oran Young, “Political Leadership and Regime Formation” in L. Martin and B. Simmons (eds) International Institutions (2001), pp.9-36. Andrew Moravcsik, “Taking Preferences Seriously: A Liberal Theory of International Politics”, International Organization 51.4(Autumn 1997): 513-553. J. Pevehouse and B. Russett, “Democratic International Governmental Organizations Promote Peace,” International Organization 60.4(Fall 2006):969-1000. Guidance Notes You are supposed to produce an essay this time. This means that we expect you to do everything that you’ve learned in Academic English about structuring a piece of writing. Therefore, pay particular attention to the introduction and conclusion and use the ‘counter argument’ structure to help make your argument/analysis both clearer and stronger.


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