6230 Week 5 Final Project

Supporting Lectures

  • Determining the Scope of the Assurance Initiative
  • Understanding the Subject Matter and Performing the Assessment Steps
  • Communicating and Reporting

IT Assurance Findings and Recommendations

This week, you will complete your final project. You will narrow down your IT audit to a targeted scope. You will use the three-phase model of IT assurance to synthesize your IT audit for your selected case study. This week, to conclude your final project, use the three-phase model of the IT assurance initiative provided in the online lectures and build an IT assurance initiative by performing the following tasks:

  • Identify potential IT-related issues based on documented assumptions and your evaluation of your case study in Week 1 through Week 4.
  • Scope the IT assurance initiative based on the subset of the organizational system that should be targeted.
  • State relevant enablers and suitable assessment criteria to perform the assessment of pertinent domains, processes, and controls.
  • Integrate the totality of your work from Week 1 through Week 4 and report the results of your assessment, including your findings and recommendations.

Submission Details:

Create your report in approximately 10–15 pages in a Microsoft Word document and save it as W5_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.

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