Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences in response to each part. Please use at least one source. Please cite the reference(s) properly. Part 1 and 2 can be on the same document, however, please keep them separate by labeling them. 


Week Three Discussion Two

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While political viewpoints have a direct impact on the types of regulations imposed on business and industries, they should not interfere with the process which permits changes to regulation without bipartisan support to change that process. With regard to the ethics of industry, both of the prevailing political viewpoints seek to improve the overall standing of the country by addressing similar issues in different ways. A more moderate approach to regulation from conservatives is aimed at strengthening the economic climate. The added freedom from regulation affords businesses the freedom to make competitive improvements where gains can be passed on to businesses and consumers alike. A more liberal approach puts environmental and public health before economic gains and pushes business to make improvements based on the vision of elected officials. It is my belief that government officials are elected by the people, of the people, and for the people. Regulation of businesses and industries should be subject to the changes made by the federal, state, and local governments. Just as these governing bodies change, so too should the regulations that business are expected to follow. Elected officials are voted into office to carry out the plans and agendas that they campaigned on. They represent the shared interest of the majority of Americans and therefore should have the authority to set, change, and eliminate regulation while subject to the system of checks and balances.


What role do you believe government regulation should play to ensure ethical conduct by businesses?

I believe government should maintain a role of regulating ethical conduct in business.  The areas I believe the involvement is important are in areas such as discrimination, breach of contract, and consumer protection. Under the discrimination area, I do believe it is important for the government to step in for areas such as discriminating on an equally capable job applicants based on skin or gender identification.  However, thinking more from a mom-and-pop store position, I don’t agree that the government should dictate who I am comfortable hiring to represent my business. The decision should be mine.  For breaches of contract, I believe it’s vital that society maintain these protections in the courts (government) so there is recourse for those that cannot come to a verbal agreement on completion of non-performance. In my last example of consumer protection, I agree we need a government regulation that should my Electronic Vehicle (EV) randomly ignite in my garage and cause the burning of my home, I want avenues to collect damages and ensure future safety corrections for others (Auto Express, 2021).

How do different political viewpoints potentially shape the answer to this question?

The U.S. continues to grow in varied political viewpoints on how society should be maintained (laws, taxes, public officials) and how members are cared for (public resources, where taxes are distributed, and who can benefit as example). This becomes a very controversial situation as some maintain that the government should stay out of issues, and others fight for more programs and greater contributions.  I will keep this example simple, but real.  During a state political campaign years ago, a female Alderman candidate was campaigning in my neighborhood.  She was African American, late 30s, and had a white male assistant with her.  Why I paint this picture is because me being a white, female in my 40s, she approached me while working in my yard. She assumed I would support only female, liberal, public benefit issues. When I shared with her what I paid in taxes each year with no children in the school system (ever), ‘Why is it I must pay these taxes to benefit many city programs I do not use, yet the city wants me to pay an additional $65 to purchase a recycle barrel (as opposed to the totes)?”

My point in the example above is that every person has their own priorities, regardless of cost or benefit.  Therefore, it is critical we all exercise our privilege to vote to ensure our priorities are recognized, otherwise, do not complain about the outcome.


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