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Use the building blocks PowerPoint to follow the direction in performing that on the given articles Please us APA formatting and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. The rubric ,example, will be provided in attachments to help guide you. Please cite your references

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-take your content and put it in “lego” format. With your points listed out.

-review content to ensure you understand the content of the different articles.



  • College is more your own responsibility; HS gets more help from teachers
  • In college, learning in the student’s job
  • In HS time is structured by others
  • HS repeatedly told about due dates, professors put it in the syllabus
  • No second chances in college
  • Success in college courses takes more time and effort than HS
  • Students are more independent in college
  • Professors get paid even if you don’t pass


Summary: ​It is the students’ – and only the students’ accountability that will lead them to success.



  • Professors see courses as an opportunity to make your world richer and yourself stronger
  • HS is more test prep
  • In college you have professors, not teachers
  • The ability to communicate and get along with people are important job skills
  • Students should build a relationship with professors: Over time, students have stopped building relationships with professors


Summary: ​College is knowledge-oriented and more purposeful to prepare students for the future, while HS is college/test prep




  • Citations are a must in college
  • College requires critical listening
  • HS is required, college is voluntary
  • HS has more flexibility on requirements. College has more choices, but little flexibility.


Summary: ​The required skills for success are different in college.



Conclusion: College requires the student to take the responsibility for learning. It is different in both expectation and experience than High School.