9938 Big Data Program Analysis Report

across departments, sectors and business types.

1. Outline your analysis approach. In this section you need to outline and explain the most appropriate analysis methodology: which approaches, technology and methods will you be using to answer the questions you outlined in part 1.
a. For the targeted business initiative identified in part 1, list some of the key metrics and variables that you might want to capture in order to support the predictive and prescriptive questions you discussed in part
b. Review and discuss some of the most relevant analytic approaches covered in this unit (Chapters 7 and 8) and write down two use cases where that particular analysis methodology might be useful given your business situation(s). Ensure this is linked to (some of/one of) the analysis platforms we have discussed in this unit (specifically Chapter 6). Explain how these analysis approaches support achievement of your key business initiative and questions asked in part 1.

2. Outline your implementation. This section needs to address some of the key business decisions that need to occur to help overcome challenges identified and work towards satisfying your initiative.
a. For each of the challenges listed in your summary of part 1, capture what your organisation would need to see happen (e.g., tools, training, people, processes, management support) in order to solve these challenges.
b. Summary and conclusion: Dot-point the most pressing business decisions that the business stakeholders need to make about the business entities in support of the targeted business initiative. Weave together all of these items with a succinct analytics story that can help senior leadership to understand the business potential and motivate them into action.

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• This assignment is not testing your wider research ability, more so your understanding and comprehension of the analysis methods and technological platforms discussed in Chapters 5-8. Think about how these could be actioned by businesses, and design your report around these.
• This assignment needs to build upon your part 1 plan. Try to think about continuing your scope, key design questions, and final links to key models to help give a sense of integration and linkage between these two assessment pieces. Demonstrate evolution and development of your previous ideas, you are being assessed on this continuity.
• Try to be holistic with your implementation suggestions – think about how the entire organisation is being affected and what needs to change. They also need to be real world in terms of terms of applicability and linked directly with what your Big Data plan proposes.
• Your final story could be nicely linked back to your part 1 discussions around the maturity index and value creation pathways.
• Subheadings can be a good formatting and stylistic tool here to segment your ideas and thoughts. Used effectively, the best subheadings act to frame and give context to an entire paragraph and can subtly convey contention/evaluation outcomes.
• Try to explain and structure your report with the methodologies and analysis technologies from the course.