a) Describe the global sport and recreation business environment.

a) Describe the global sport and recreation business environment.
b) Apply management and business planning tools to the sports industry.
c) Understand and explain risk in a sport business context.
d) Identify social and ethical issues that can influence the sports business community.
You are required to create a new sport or modify an existing sport for a new market. This could be individual
or team-based. You should write from the perspective of the new Governing Body and outline the sport you
have designed, including but not limited to:
? Introduction to the sport – name, brief concept, season, or time of year
? The target market – who will play this new sport?
? Mission and/or Vision Statement – what is the purpose of this new sport?
Goals and SMART Objectives – how will you establish this sport in the next 3-5 years?
? SWOT Analysis – table format with a minimum of five factors in each of the four segments
? Risk Matrix Table – potential risks and strategies to minimize them ? Proposed Rules including scoring and
how to win ? Equipment and Uniforms required to play and to minimize risks
? Proposed Competition for the first year including – how many games (team sports) or events (individual
sports) in the first year?
? Conclusion – convince the reader that this sport has a future. Use appropriate referencing to acknowledge