A Significant Recipe


For this Online Discussion, you are asked to share one of your meaningful/significant recipes (16 marks total).
1. Please write out the recipe ingredients and directions in full. Make sure a classmate or Professor can make
this dish based on your instructions and ingredients list (3 marks).
2. Please include a photo or image of the finished product (1 mark).
3. In about 500-750 words (no penalty for longer) please discuss, after the recipe, the following:
i) Why is this recipe meaningful/significant for you? (2 marks)
ii) What does this recipe reveal about the role of food in your life? Include information from the course material
for Unit 1. (4 marks)
iii) Where do your ingredients originate from? Use the information in the power-point presentation to identify the
origin of as many ingredients as you can. You do not need to look up ingredients that are not identified in the
course material for Unit 1. (2 marks)
iv) Does this recipe reflect a certain flavor principle? If so, which one(s). (2 marks)
v) How do flavor principles impact your food choices? (2 marks)


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