A store display that shows how to use a product

Look for a store display that shows how to use a product. Describe the store, the product, and the display. Did you think it was effective? Chapter 2: Color and Texture

A store display that shows how to use a product

VISUAL MERCHANDISING: To receive full credit, your answers must be at least three (complete) sentences long.

Chapter 1: Why Display?

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1.1 Choose two retailers that carry the same type of merchandise; contrast the store image of each. How did the visual merchandiser promote each image?

Two retailers that carry the same type of merchandise are Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Walking into the first floor of a Neiman’s is exciting. Its famous decorative butterflies hanging above the escalators, the bright lights and pristine displays. As a child, I grew up going to Neiman’s, as my mother’s mother practically lived there, and my father’s parents knew Stanley Marcus. What used to be a delightful experience has changed. The first floor – which is usually cosmetics at every location I’ve been to – is the only lit-up floor, as you ascend the escalator, the dim lighting changes the vibe instantly. Believe it or not, that is one of the reasons I now prefer Saks, with its vibrant displays and well-lit floors. It’s a younger feel, whereas going into a Neiman’s makes you want to sleep with the dim lights and outdated clothing.

1.2 Look for a store display that shows how to use a product. Describe the store, the product, and the display. Did you think it was effective?

Chapter 2: Color and Texture

2.1 Look for a display where color is used to influence consumers’ feelings about a product. Describe the store, product, use of color, and influence.

2.2 Find and quote a color forecast for the next season. Give source, product, and forecast. (Hint: the internet is a great resource/tool for this)

Chapter 3: Line and Composition

3.1 Find a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc.) and describe the line(s) ‘ role to the feelings produced by the work.

3.3 Look for a display where the use of rhythm is effective. Describe the store, display, and use of rhythm.

Chapter 4: Light and Lighting

4.1 Find a window display. Describe the type, position, and effect of the lighting. Was the window open-or closed-back?

4.2 Visit a mall or shopping center (or reflect on the past stores you have visited). Note the most popular types of lighting found for various uses. What are the uses and types of lighting? Share at least four.

Chapter 5: Types of Displays and Display Settings

5.1 Look for a “line-of-goods” display and a “variety or assortment” display. Contrast the effect of the two on you.

5.2 Find a “related merchandise” display. Was it effective? Why or why not?

Chapter 6: Exterior

6.1 Find one example of each of the following storefront designs: straight, angled, arcade, and corner and attach the photos. (You may have trouble finding an arcade.). Describe their location and design. You may use the internet to find these photos.

6.2 Look for a marquee or awning. Describe it.

Chapter 7: Display Window Construction

7.2 Describe the effect of glass glare on effectiveness. How can you compensate or eliminate the effect?

7.3 Look at and describe the ceilings of five window displays.

7.4 Find and describe an example of proscenia and/or masking. (HINT: Proscenium – Border, usually set against the front glass, frames the top and sizes of windows & contains the display and can accentuate the display behind it and hide pipes and lighting fixtures; Masking – Reduces the size of the window by making an opening for viewing that is smaller, and is removable, enhances the display and adds emphasis and importance to featured merchandise)

Chapter 8: Store Interiors

8.1 Find and describe the use of a riser or platform. How many different levels are in the area? Would you have made any improvements?

8.2 Find and describe the effective use of a ledge display. Which store is the display in? Why is it effective? Could it be improved?

8.3 Think about a store you frequent the most. What is the store? Describe the lighting found in the store. Is it effective? (SAKS FIFTH AVENUE – BRIGHT, GLISTENING DISPLAYS, ETC.)

8.4 Describe a display using vertical lines. What were your thoughts on the display?

8.5 List 1 store location that has an open-back window and 1 store location that has a closed-back window. Are their windows effective? As a Visual Merchandiser, would you do anything differently?

8.6 What is a display that you have seen in a High Traffic Area? Did you like it? If not, how could it have been improved?



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