A title that relates to your specific ideas

As readers begin Maus, they see that the book is steeped in stereotypes. However, this book eventually leads readers to understand how oversimplified and dangerous it can be to view people in this way. How does this book lead readers to reject these stereotypes?
**In your response, make sure to cite specific panels (pictures) and written language to help support your point.
The paper should include the following:
A title that relates to your specific ideas
An introductory paragraph that introduces the book, the author, and the main point of your essay
A thesis statement that sums up your main point, including both your claim and reasons in support of your claim
Body paragraphs (approximately 4-5) that provide support for and relate to your thesis, showing strong unity and transitions
Include specific evidence in the form of a quote or paraphrase from the following:
At least FOUR pieces of direct evidence from Maus
One of these four must be a panel (picture)
Quotes should be properly introduced in a signal phrase and related to your topic.
A concluding paragraph that reflects upon your main point and leaves the reader with a strong sense of why the ideas in the essay are important
1500-1800 Words
Please note:
Your audience is one who has read the course materials; thus, only summarize the readings in as much detail as is needed to orient the reader to the point you will make.
This paper should portray an academic tone, meaning avoid using “you” or “I,” and general language that addresses a formal, academic audience.
No quotes longer than 3 lines
No rewrites for this paper
I know this book has a lot written about it online. If I see any ideas or language from online sources, you will not only receive an F, but you could fail the class, and this will be documented with the campus administration who will decide if the matter deserves an additional penalty. Do your own work.
Final Expectations:
This final paper will act as your final exam. Through your work in this paper, you will demonstrate the following learning outcomes for the course:
Reading: Identify the main ideas and supporting arguments of a college-level text.
Writing: Write an academic essay using textual evidence to support a thesis.
Grammar/Style: Use effective and correct sentence structures to convey ideas.
This paper will show me what you have learned this semester. You will demonstrate your critical reading and thinking as well as your ability to write an organized, thoughtful argument, using MLA citation, and strong quote integration strategies. I can’t wait to read your work!


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