Activism & Defiance Unit Research Paper

Activism & Defiance Unit Research Paper
The Activist I want you to write about is Hillary Clinton
Prompt: Identify an activist or an individual who stood up for a cause. Identify their background and how it led them to the path they chose. What events transpired prior to them standing up for a cause? Identify the change they were able to instill because of their actions. What stood in their way? What did they have to lose?
Must have/include:
● Four pages + a work cited page (MLA FORMAT)
● Answers the prompt
● Cannot be the predictable choices (Gandhi, MLK,Lincoln, Parks, Mandela
Chavez, Steinhem, etc).
● Use three to four resources that are CREDIBLE
● Must organize in categories/headings
● Avoid being a biography
Heasings for essay
Introduce your topic- use a good hook
Write about the background of your activist- this may be a little biography
Events Prior
Describe the events that lead to this person who stands up for something
Stands In Their Way
What obstacles stood in their way
Loss and Gain
Directions: You will write a 1200 word research paper on a person of your choosing.
This person must satisfy the prompt. The researcher must include at least three- four sources cited in MLA Format.
Final Draft Due December 4
What losses and what gains did they have to go through
Change That Their Actions Instilled
What change has taking place since they have stood up


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