Affinity marketing

In discussing relationship marketing, your textbook authors identify “affinity marketing,” “loyalty marketing,” “co-branding,” and “co-marketing.” Chose one of these terms to research and identify at least two articles on the subject.

Write a one- or two-page memo to me describing the articles you chose and why, then identifying five things you learned from the articles that you did not know before.

For Memo Formatting, see this topic in the Module labeled “Essentials for Students.”

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The headings for your memo should be:

  • Your Topic (that is, your heading is the topic you chose, such as Affinity Marketing). Briefly describe your two articles and why you chose them.
  • Things I Learned (identify in 5 separate paragraphs, one paragraph for each, five things you learned from your articles).

Copy and paste the website(s) URL(s) one blank line below the last paragraph of your memo. You should have two URL’s, one for each article.