You are required to watch the 1984 film “Amadeus”, directed by Milos Forman, and write an essay based on it. The film is available on Youtube for 3.99. The price may have changed.
1. Was there a particular composer featured in this film?

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2. What century (period) of music was covered?

3. Name one piece of music that was heard in the film. (What was the genre of the piece? Discuss some musical characteristics of the piece.)

4. What was conveyed of the main character (composer or performer) to reveal his attitude toward life?

5. What did you learn about the socio political factors that may have influenced music during the place and time of the story?

6. What personal/family factors affected the main character?

7. What things remained with you after seeing the film, particularly anything that expanded your knowledge?

8. How did it relate to class?

9. Did you have a particular emotional response or state of mind either throughout the film or at particular times?

a. in response to a piece of music.

b. in response to the story line.

10. What was your overall view of the film?

11. What message, if any, did you feel the film intended to portray?

12. Who do you think would benefit from seeing this film?

13. Would you recommend this film to others?

14. Any other information you would like to add, or any questions that you want to ask?





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