American Cultural History

Pick a specific event and its consequences on American Cultural History relating to one of our primary readings.
If you decided to write your paper on an event, it must have significant cultural impact and you should use the primary source as part of your support. For instance, you CAN’T write a paper on the American Revolution but you could write a paper on the impact Thomas Paine’s Common Sense had on the culture and how that related to the Declaration of Independence (as they are connected). You CAN’T write a paper on WWII (way to broad); however you could write a paper on the depression and hardship in Germany in the 1930s and how this lead directly to Hitler’s ability to gain control of the county and demonstrate the use of media. This paper is a historical argument paper which means you have to build a case for the answer to the question you present using 6 sources outside the class text. This is a 8-10 page assignment. The student must use at least 6 outside sources aside from the class text. Note if you use internet sources they must be from academic journals and research.
Wikipedia and non-scholarly resources do not count. You should write your essay corresponding to the reading assignments you have completed and are interested in. You may write your essay on any of the primary topics but you can’t write your paper on a topic you have already covered and the topic must cover the time period we are covering. At least 8-10 pages of written work (2000 – 2500 words)
12 point font 1 inch margins
Double spaced
Resources listed at the end of the paper on resource page
Proper citing within the context of the paper (Chicago manual of style)
Minimum of 6 outside sources
In total the paper should be 8-10 pages (not including the resource page)


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