American Goverment

The first step to researching your paper is selecting a specific policy for your paper. Your paper must focus on a specific policy that focuses on an aspect of the United States government and ideally, that relates to your major and future career. You should be able to find research that will allow you to support your ideas.Once you have found a topic that interests you, you will begin the research for your paper. In addition to establishing your topic and the thesis for your paper, you will also provide an Annotated Bibliography, for four of the sources you intend to utilize to support your paper. Each annotation should be a minimum of one full paragraph (five sentences) in length and should explain what the source discusses and how this links to your paper topic. It is expected that you will find more sources to support your ideas for a minimum of eight sources are required for the paper, with a minimum of five of those sources from the Ashford University Library databases. The second step in writing your paper reflect on the policy topic that you determined and review the research articles you found determine what other aspects of the policy still need to be discussed and supported. Establish your thesis and then outline your paper with your supporting resources. The thesis will serve as the backbone of your paper and should showcase in one complete statement what your policy is, why it is important, and how it relates to policy making and government program administration within the American national government. Once you have established your thesis, you will then outline your paper utilizing outline format. When utilizing an outline, be sure to use headings and subheadings. All sentences within your outline should be complete and should help to support your ideas. The book we use in class is Fine, T. S., & Levin-Waldman, O. M. (2016). American government (2nd ed.). Retrieved from my Ashford siging in is:ID: XARIOF7738Password: Password1