Analyse the key success factors for implementing strategic supply chain management for your chosen corporation.

Supply Chain Management
The assessment is the development of an appraisal that can be presented in the format of a Plan, but NOT as an essay, NOR as a report. Appraisal of a supply chain issue and a plan for implementing a collaborative and/or risk reducing change. Company Tesco and segmentation Suppliers. 2500 words maximum The appraisal is based on the supply chain segment Suppliers of the Tesco company. For this assessment you will demonstrate that you can apply the appropriate knowledge (concepts, methods and tools introduced and explored in the lectures and seminars) through research and analytical evaluation. Where appropriate you are expected to use relevant and credible sources based both on key readings on the module as well as from your individual research The aim of the Improvement Appraisal is to provide an overview of the overall supply-chain of the Tesco company and the particular segment Suppliers. Next, to identify specific issues or areas that are impacting the current operational performance (the base option). Within this section you should leverage theory that you have covered within the course, for instance looking at common supply chain performance parameters. N.B Sustainability related issues cannot be included within this appraisal Next, suggest a solution (the proposed option) that leverages collaboration with stakeholders and/or increases the resilience of the supply chain operation through the mitigation of a risk. Summarise the expected benefits associated with the change (including those arising from collaboration and/or risk reduction) Next make the case for change by undertaking an Options Appraisal for the above two options using the Value Indexing method. Next make support the business case for change by answering the question how long is the change is likely to take and how much it will likely cost Finally create a Risk Register related to the proposed change case You are also free to conduct primary research in order to help you identify business issues, though you must follow the universitys research guidelines including tutor sign off. A plan is forward thinking and is basically a focused on the near future: as such, a Plan cannot have a Conclusion – only once the plan starts to be implemented can we monitor and assess, draw conclusions and restructure the plan or proceed to further developments. Therefore, you may include Final/Concluding remarks, but not a real conclusion. An Indicative Structure for the Appraisal Introduction Context of the Supply Chain and the Supply Chain Segment to be improved. Analyse the key success factors for implementing strategic supply chain management for your chosen corporation. Analysis of Supply chain issue to be addressed (you can apply Fishbone or situation analysis, etc.) (This cannot be a sustainability issue) (The base option). The proposed change that enhances collaboration and /or mitigates a risk. Summary of expected collaboration benefits or risk mitigation arising from the project (the proposed option) Option appraisal (value index) ( which option could add most value) Resource Plan: (How long it will take and how much it will cost) Risk Register (for proposed business case) Appendices References (at least 10 references)