Analysis essay


“Millenials are Entitled, Selfish and Helicopter Parents are to Blame” by Nick Gillespie
In the summary section, you will need to first introduce the text you will be analyzing. Then you will summarize
what the text argues, noting the central claims and key evidence. Do not re-tell the entire article, just the main
For the analysis portion of the essay, you will need to have at least three body paragraphs with one direct
quote per body paragraph. The analysis will also need to have an introduction and conclusion. In the
introduction you need
For this essay, you will analyze the author’s audience and purpose. What is the author’s purpose for writing the
essay? Who is the author’s target audience? Does the author effectively reach that audience? In your analysis,
you will need to examine how the author achieves his purpose with the target audience. Other things to
consider are: tone, organization, thesis, use of evidence.
The essay needs to be double spaced. Use MLA style documentation for both in-text citations and the works
cited entry. The paper needs to be written in third person. No more than 10% of the paper may be direct
quotes. Select quotes carefully as they should be used to support your ideas rather than pad your paper. The
essay needs to be written in present verb tense.


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