Analysis of a Malware Specimen

Choose just one of the following famous malware/virus programs, all of these programs have extensive
literature available on them (ILOVEYOU, Code Red, Melissa, Sasser, Zeus, Conficker, Mydoom, Cryptolocker,
Flame, or Flashback) Please perform a digital forensics review of the malware based on what we have learned
in this course. Be sure to cite the sources you use in your research using APA format.
What is the nature and purpose of the program?
How does the program accomplish its purpose?
How does the program interact with the host system?
How does the program interact with the network?
How does the attacker interact (command/control/etc) with the program?
What does the program suggest about the sophistication level of the attacker?
Is there an identifiable vector of attack the program uses to infect the host?
What is the extent of the infection or compromise on the system or network?

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