Analysis of a novel – Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Literature Topic Analysis of a novel. Write a close reading (3-4 pages) of Exit West by Mohsin Hamid which explores the significance of one or more (important that one only choose 1, 2 or 3 and not all of them) of the following narrative devices/features: The narrator Characterization Genre Point of view/focalization Plot Analepsis and prolepsis Setting Ending Your analysis should incorporate insights, concepts and/or key terms from at least one of the following theoretical perspectives, as explained by Habib: postcolonial studies, global studies, reader response theory, Marxist literary studies or deconstruction. Remember to: Read the question and make sure you understand it and answer it Give your essay a good title indicating what your thesis statement singles out as your focus Present a clear thesis or topic statement, ideally in your first paragraph, that contains your argument in its essence Outline and make an argument in your essay Never save good points for the end, I hate a cliffhanger Write in paragraphs, rule of thumb: app. 3 pr. page (1 page = 2400 characters including spaces) Worry about language and grammar, proofread Quote from the texts you are discussing and always explain the quotation, it never speaks for itself Use proper analytical terminology Think of yourself as an academic addressing another academic, so go for formal tone but not pompous, and avoid slang and colloquialisms Please remember to cite from the text when backing up your argument. The only sources needed are Exit west and Literary studies: A Norton guide by Habib.

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