Analysis of eviews output for monthly data from 1990 to 2008 on us | pricciple of economics


Consider the following EVIEWS output for monthly data from 1990 to 2008 on US petrol consumption, prices, income etc. 

The variables are defined as 

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LPETCONS_G  = Natural Log Petrol Consumption per head (Gallons) 

LRPETPRICE   = Natural Log Real Average Monthly Petrol Price Per Gallon 

LRINCOME  = Natural Log Real Monthly US Income per head 

D_SPRING – Dummy= 1  when month = March, April, May , (0 otherwise) 

D_SUMMER – Dummy= 1  when month = June, July, August, (0 otherwise) 

D_AUTUMN – Dummy= 1  when month = September, October, November, (0 otherwise) 

  1. Carefully      interpret and discuss the Eviews regression output and regression model of      the petrol consumption? 
  2. You      should also state your opinion as an analyst of the company producing or      selling petrol