ANALYZE copies of the performance appraisal tools( Attached for the writer ) used to evaluate performance attainment of a Public health nurse

ANALYZE copies of the performance appraisal tools( Attached for the writer ) used to evaluate performance attainment of a Public health nurse.( I AM ATTACHING A COPY page 12 and 3#) use the pages I attached .this is the actual evaluation from my clinical rotation.====CRITIQUE/Write ONE PAGE QUESTION 1 Analyze the congruence of the objectives with the role performance descriptions.QUESTION2 How would you revise selected items to strengthen their congruence with the performance objectives and/or elements of their construction QUESTION 3 Are there NSA(Nursing Service Administrator) behaviors which create a climate which strengthens the validity and reliability of the evaluation system What How Why ==============================================================Topic 3- Write TWO pages for topic 3====Discuss with your nurse preceptor the history of the performance evaluation system you have reviewed. How have the performance items been developed ( was mandated by the state but changed in collaboration with HR management and public health nurse supervisor. My preceptor said that they added the Public Health nurse core competencies to the state eval toll) By a single management member of the group Has there been a systematic evaluation of the validity and reliability of the performance items What institutional and departmental resources are available to the manager to assist in the development and analysis of objective performance items Discuss with your preceptor how self-assessment of the described role of the NSA (nurse manager) in the workplace compares with the behavior of new nurse managers in the workplace.b)COMPARE AND CONTRAST 1 page ====Compare and contrast the core of the NSA(Nursing Service Administrator )role presently with anticipated changes as we move forward in the 21st century.20th Century 21st CenturyControl FacilitateDirect CoordinateSupervise IntegrateDecide SupportShare the results of these discussions with your study group members.Unit 5/1 a)Conduct a computerized search of the current literature about staff performance evaluation staff governance credentialing and clinical ladders.Write 1 page summary about your web searchb)ANALYZE/ Write One page ======Collaborate with your preceptor to examine the clinical evaluation process utilized in the field setting ( Public health nurses- they visit patient home and provide service in their houses)you have selected. ) Analyze the tool(s) used by the managers to document and evaluate progress in clinical performance. ( 6 month review)How did the tool(s) evolve. How does the tool(s) relate to the performance objectives How are clinical evaluation findings transformed into ratings What interactions and goal setting occurs Are peers involved Unit 5 Topic 4 & 5 Write one page about your evaluation observation=====OBSERVE and write one page of supervisor doing nurses job evaluation review base on the 3 pages eval I attached. observe nurse performance evaluation. What factors appear to be crucial components of an effective and valid evaluation -discuss performance rating. Review the grievance institutional process. What are the institutional and departmental policies procedures and resources which are operationalized when there is a dispute over employee performance Discuss your findings within your group and post a summary of your findings to the group discussion board.CRITIQUEBased on your readings and knowledge of performance evaluation critique the process of performance evaluation you have observed and analyzed in a selected field setting.What are the strengths and limitations of the process How does the process reflect the state of the art contained in the nursing literature with which you are familiar