RWP #1: Biological psychology


Real World Psychology: Psychology is all around us. I hope that as you learn more and more about the field that you start to recognize this and become more curious about why people act the way they do. You will be asked to observe 4 real world psychology examples, of you choosing, and then will find a peer-reviewed research article that is meant to answer your question. Each of these 4 assignments is worth 10% of your final grade and will roughly cover 4 different sections of the course materials

THIS DB is for RWP #1:  Biological psychology

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You may work on this before the due date. You will upload everything onto the DB, in 2 stages. Both Stage 1 and 2 are due by the due date. You will need to get clearance from me (on the DB) for Stage 1 before moving to Stage 2. I will reply to you on the DB whether you’ve been cleared, then you can reply back to me with your Stage 2 response. Do not leave this until the last minute.

  • Stage 1 (4 points).  Describe a real world psychology example using the concepts we have talked about in each section of the course. Tell us why you think it is an important observation and what questions the observation leaves you with.
  • Stage 2 (6 points). After you have clearance from me, find a peer-reviewed article that is related to your observation and outstanding question. You must find a peer-reviewed article, upload the PDF to your answer (1 point), give the APA citation of the article (1 point), and then describe the article’s findings (3 points), and explain how it relates to your observation/question (1 point).

This DB has a “due date” for stage #1 due date will disappear after the stage #2 due date and will be back after it is graded fully.


“Comment from the professor on the last work: Nice explanation of the AP. Be sure you put your answers in your own words. For your fMRI response, you didn’t say what your hypothesis, IV, and DV would be using this method.

Also, your APA citation is not correct. I won’t take this off on the DB, but it will count towards your RWP grade so make sure you look it up here: