Analyze the steps and methods of epidemiology based on information you gather:

Write a 1,650- to 2,100-word paper based on your clinical research of epidemiology.
Although many other vulnerable populations and diseases or conditions exist, we will focus on a limited list for the purposes of this assignment.

Select one population and one disease or medical condition of interest from the following lists:


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•Diseases, conditions Or chronic illnesses for these populations might include the following: Drug addition, alcoholism, Diabetes, Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.

Define the epidemiology of the disease or condition for the selected vulnerable population using the epidemiological triangle.

Analyze the steps and methods of epidemiology based on information you gather:
•Routine data (e.g., demographic, census, birth, death, and surveillance records)
•Research data (e.g., medical and health records)
•Epidemiological data (e.g., surveys specific to your topic)

Analyze the chosen population and disease or condition by:
•Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the population and disease, and analyze how characteristics of these selections influence population vulnerability.
•Analyzing how cultural considerations may impact health issues for the selected population.
•Analyzing legal and ethical considerations that must be addressed when working with the selected population.
•Analyzing how to manage potential conflict with personal values and biases during the interaction with populations that have different values.

Analyze how evidence-based nursing can guide the decision-making process for the topic chosen.

Analyze the relationship between the disease or condition and various levels of prevention.
•Feasibility of prevention
•Evaluation of prevention

Cite at least eight peer-reviewed references (you may not use your course textbooks) to support your analysis.