Analyze: This step relates to understanding work flow mapping and the value stream as well as understanding root cause analysis (RCA).

Project Task 1Week 3: Week 3 W3 Assignment 2Dropbox Assignment
Assignment 2: Course Project Task 1Overview:The course project requires you to create a quality management plan. To do this you will: Identify various aspects of a quality management plan in a healthcare organization.
Apply various processes and tools to enhance quality in a healthcare setting. Seek additional resources from
Identify workflow processes in a healthcare setting.
Identify quality parameters in a healthcare setting.
Examine the effectiveness of a quality management plan in a given healthcare setting.
The project is modeled on the Shewhart Cycle (Plan Do Check Act). You will modify the Shewhart Cycle to make it applicable to your selected healthcare service or program.Seek additional resources that will help you understand the process being studied as well as planning and quality improvement in general. You can visit the following link for more details on a quality process improvement plan:
www.goleansixsigma.comClick Resources and then select Lean Six Sigma Tools. Review the steps in sequence; they provide direction to a quality process improvement plan. While you do not need to use the steps in sequence they provide direction as given below: Define: This step describes the importance of the problem within the organization.
Measure: This step relates to the impact of the current condition and target goals for improvement.
Analyze: This step relates to understanding work flow mapping and the value stream as well as understanding root cause analysis (RCA).
Improve: This step identifies improvements to consider in the implementation of change.
Control: This step is about sustainability of change.
Tasks:Complete a part of the Plan step of the cycle.
Describe the environment the organization and the department or program within the organization that is the basis for your project. Describe the selected healthcare setting specifically its service staff equipment and patients. Identify and describe the scope and nature of the problem.
Assess the environment using strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. Interview some stakeholders such as managers staff or customers. Use the interview information to conduct the SWOT analysis. You may also summarize or quote any important or interesting information gathered during the interview.
Select one of the weaknesses determined by the SWOT analysis to create a plan for improvement.
Submission Details:Present the description of the organization the SWOT analysis and any interview summaries in a 5-page Microsoft Word document formatted as a report in APA style.
On a separate page cite all sources using APA format.
By Wednesday April 13 2016 submit the report to the W3 Assignment 2 Turnitin.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Described a selected healthcare setting specifying service staff equipment and patients.
Identified and described the scope of the problem.
Conducted a SWOT analysis for the selected healthcare setting; interviewed stakeholders such as managers or customers; and used the information for a SWOT analysis.
Selected one of the weaknesses determined in the SWOT analysis and provided a rationale for the selected problem focus within the SWOT analysis.
Presented information in a logical structure.
Selected and cited authoritative sources of information.
Displayed accurate writing style spelling and grammar.
Applied APA standards in citing sources.
Total: 200