Analyzing Visual Art


Powerpoint: The Elements of Art as Seen in Nature

Step 2 – View 43 Stunning Landscape Photographs (Links to an external site.) from National Geographic. When you click, you will only see the photograph “Seven trees in Hokkaido, Japan.” Click arrow or “See all photos” below this photograph to access the remaining images. (Ignore any National Geographic advertisements.)
Step 3 – Choose three photographs that you find particularly striking

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Step 4 – On the document you will upload, put the name of photographer, the title of the photograph, and the photograph’s number at the top of the section describing each of the 3 photographs you chose. Use vocabulary from the elements of art and the formal analysis in the video from the Getty Museum to explain why this image is effective. What is in the foreground, middle ground and background of the photo? Describe how the distribution of color, of light and dark areas adds to the effectiveness of the image. What feeling did you get from looking at the photograph? Your explanation for each photograph should be at least 150 words in length (450 words for all three photographs).




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