Annabelle lee by edgar allen poe



The documented essay gives you the chance to explore in-depth, and present with, confidence, an inspired, elegant, and spirited argument about a topic you research related to either a fiction writer or a poet from our book whose work impresses you most, by marshalling the writer’s primary work and two scholarly resources to support your ideas, using proper MLA citations, and a Works Cited. Your essay must be on a different author/literary work from any previous essays you’ve written on in the course. Each paper you write for the course must be on a different author/literary work. The essay should reveal and discover why the writer shows literary merit and excellence by presenting clear and meaningful interpretations from the research and the literary work. The paper should explore how a specific and relevant context (artistic elements of form, social, cultural, historical, political, psychological, religious, milieus, situations, circumstances, etc.) informs the writer’s work to help the reader better understand, and better experience, or at least imagine, and appreciate the underlying meanings and connections between the writer and the literature.

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