1. Anthropology as Science/Anthropology of Science: The Egg and the Sperm, by Emily Martin
 2. Gender and Gendering: Knights We Know, by Ellen Snortland Give a summary of how the authors discuss these topics and then explain how these topics inform and influence each other. Make sure to cite at least 2 authors. Make your argument, think about: What are the major questions and conclusions of each reading, and how would they change when put in conversation with one another? What is the authors’ idea of culture, and how does it serve their arguments? Why is it important to look at these themes in dialogue? What are some of the issues that you see lacking in the readings, that could be brought up when taking both issues together? -the objective of the essay is to put both topics in conversation, not to just do a comparison of the readings. -Have a creative title! -Make sure to cite ALL quotes or paraphrases with a reference list at the end of your paper. General format: (Author Year: Page Number) -3 pages in 12 point, Times New Roman, single-spaced – No spaces between paragraphs,


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