apply your economic theory to explain and analyses the newspaper/media article

You are to select a newspaper/magazine/web article for economic analysis. The article must relate to one or more of the topics (chapters) covered in the lecture program. The article must also have been written after 1st March, 2020. You are to apply your economic theory to explain and analyses the newspaper/media article. The assignment should be approximately 1400-1500 words in length and include well labeled diagrams. A copy of the article showing date and source is to be included with the analysis. Complete the assignment cover sheet and submit with your assignment. It is also very important to discuss the choice of topic/article with your tutor well before the submission date.
I would suggest that you present your assignment as a report – include an introduction, economic concepts/theories to be applied, analysis, conclusion and references. Visit the blackboard site for notes on preparing the assignment. The Stanley Communication Skills Centre conducts workshops on essay writing and referencing and you can always check with your tutor/ lecturer about planning and preparing your assignment.
You have a submission date is Week 12 for articles relating to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Penalties will apply for late assignments. An important part of assignment writing is to correctly reference the sources of information that you have used.
1. Students self-select the newspaper article and then they identify which microeconomics I macroeconomics theories/ models that they would like to examine and apply to the chosen newspaper article.
2. Each student to provide a draft and layout of their article analysis to their Lecturer in week 11 and Lecturer will provide feedback that same week to ensure continuous improvement.
3. Individual students must also maintain a weekly, reflective journal as they prepare for their presentation which they do on their own.

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