Archeology in Jerusalem


Read the two attached articles provided in attachments and write an essay assessing their contents:
R. Greenberg, “Extreme Exposure: Archaeology in Jerusalem 1967-2007,” Conservation and MGMT of Arch.
Sites, Vol. 11, Nos. 3-4, 2009, 262-281;
J. Seligman, “The Archaeology of Jerusalem: Between Post-Modernism and Delegitimization,” Public
Archaeology, Vol. 12 No. 3, 2013, 181-199.
The written assignment should have a length of no more than 5 pages. Indicate your name and course details
at the top of the page. Choose your own title for the paper which in your mind exemplifies the subject matter of
both papers.
Please take into consideration the following:
The first part of the written assignment (labelled Introduction) should succinctly introduce the main arguments
of the two articles in no more than one paragraph (i.e. half a page).
The second part of the assignment (labelled Greenberg vs Seligman) should be a more detailed summary of
the arguments made by the two sides. How do they develop their arguments? What source materials do they
rely upon?
The third part of the assignment (labelled Discussion) should answer the following: How convinced were you of
the arguments made in these two papers? Has one side more credibility than the other? You can express a
personal opinion, if you wish.


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