Article analysis
As you move through this topic, keep the following questions in mind. If you cannot answer these questions (some require critical thinking skills and putting together different pieces of information – you cannot simply look up the answer on one page in the textbook), you are not ready to move on to the next topic.

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How were the Americas peopled? What and where is Beringia?
What is meant the term Clovis? What is meant by the term paleoindian?
What was life like in the Archaic period and when does it end?
What is the importance of maize?
Discuss the rise of civilization in Mesoamerica. Where is Mesoamerica?
Describe Maya culture. How did it change over time? Where are the Mayas located?
Describe the Aztec Empire? How did it acquire and maintain power? Where is Tenochtitlan?
Describe the cultures of the ancient Southwest. How were the Anasazi, Mogollon, and Hohokam societies similar? Different? Why did they decline? What is the importance of Chaco Canyon? Where is the ancient Southwest located?
Describe Mississippian culture. Why did it decline? What is the importance of Cahokia? Where is Cahokia located?
Describe life in the Eastern Woodlands in 1491. Where are the Eastern Woodlands? How are Algonquian, Iroquoian and Muskogean cultures similar? Different?
Describe life on the Great Plains in 1491. Where are the Great Plains?
Describe life in the Great Basin in 1491. Where is the Great Basin?
Describe life in the Pacific Northwest in 1491. Where is the Pacific Northwest?
Describe life in the Southwest in 1491. Where is the Southwest?
The following locations are important to the historical geography of the events discussed in this topic. You should be able to locate these places on a map and understand why they are important to and shape the history under discussion.

Chaco Canyon
Great Basin Cultural Area
Ancient Southwest Cultural Area
Eastern Woodland Cultural Area
Great Plains Cultural Area
Pacific Northwest Cultural Area
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Mississippi River
Ohio River
St. Lawrence River
Great Lakes
Gulf of Mexico
Rocky Mountains
Appalachian Mountains





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