Article Analysis




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Locate a peer-reviewed qualitative research article from your field (degree area) that may be applied to your
area as a practitioner or change agent.
In your post, provide a brief description of the article.
How trustworthy do you find this article? What contributed to the trustworthiness of the article? Does this article
meet the standards outlined by Levitt, et al. Explain why/why not?
Considering the research-practice gap, why is it necessary for an evidence-based practitioner to critically
evaluate research first-hand? How might reporting standards for qualitative research aid the practitioner in
evaluating the research?
The article by Tkachenko, Hahn, and Peterson (2017) discusses the “research-practice gap.” Discuss how the
findings from this research be applied in your field as practitioners and/or agents of change as a way of
bridging the “the “research-practice gap.” Why must you consider the generalizability of this study?
When responding to your classmates’ post, identify strategies that might be used to narrow the researchpractice gap? Also, identify what ethical issues should be considered before applying research findings.
This assignment meets the following Course Learning Outcomes:
CLO1 – Identify and explain qualitative research methods and assess their appropriateness for different
research problems.
CLO5 – Identify, critically evaluate, and summarize published qualitative research studies.
CLO6 – Assess issues related to methodological rigor in qualitative research.
CLO7 – Examine how qualitative research findings can be used to inform practice.



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