Artificial Silk Girl protagonist Doris arguments assignment question

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Artificial Silk Girl protagonist Doris arguments assignment question

Answer ONE of the following questions: 1. In The Artificial Silk Girl, the protagonist Doris becomes the ultimate consumer. What argument does the author make about the possibilities and limitations of conspicuous consumption as a form of liberation? What does this tell us about the society in which Doris inhabits?
2. What is the status of women in this narrative? The 1920s saw tremendous advances for women’s opportunities to play important roles in society. Yet at the same time, gender inequality remained a fact. Additionally, how does Keun portray this complex issue? What do we learn about femininity? About female identity? About relationships between the sexes?

3. In what ways is this novel a critique of bourgeois modernity? How does the imbrications of class, social mobility, and gender work to inhibit or liberate Doris? In many ways, The Artificial Silk Girl is a story of emancipation. But it can also be read as a story of false deliverance. Detail both sides of this argument.
4. Ending in the Bahnhof Zoo waiting room, The Artificial Silk Girl is in many ways about modern life. What are the characteristics of modern life which are depicted in the novel? What is Keun saying about the nature of modernity, and also the role of individual agency in an ever-changing world?

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The paper should be 5 pages, double-space, 12-point font in New Times Roman, 1″ margins, have a clear thesis and also structure of organization. Include a title but no title-page or bibliography. Citations can be in-text (in parenthesis at the end of the sentence) and need to indicate the page number when providing a direct quotation.


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