Balenciaga(fashion brand) research


Write an information about competitor information as well as a true customer and price points in detail
Gather Photocopies of pictures and information on your designer. Use
historic images of your designer’s collection to determine the overall feel of
your group (for example should it be dramatic like Balenciaga or Avant
garde like Cardin?, and for your project presentation. These images will be
used for your design journal.
Research what the founder of your design house was known for. What were
his or her influences, or more importantly, what influence did he or she
have on the world of fashion?
Identify your design house’s typical customer. Decide on the muse you
want to use for your design collection. This person should be iconic, and
not a current celebrity, but rather someone who was hot 20 years ago.
Example you can choose Madonna, but Madonna from 20 years ago and
not the current Madonna who is 60 years old.
Decide if you are you are going to approach this project from a historic,
lifestyle or retro point of view.
Review garments from a similar design house, same market. The
competition can be among today’s brands. How do the fabrications,
tailoring and garment construction differ from your design house from the
others? Make sure you document all information.


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