Barack Obama’s Speech

PROMPT: one or two paragraphs of either Barack Obama’s Speech, or any other readings from the Other Resources & Readings and discuss ONLY what you have chosen and identified.
You can decide to choose one section/paragraph from Obama’s speech, and one from the additional readings if you think it is complimentary and/or allows you to extend your thoughts and ideas. Here are a few potential follow-up questions:
What about the sentence/paragraph/chunk was so great? Does the author/writer play with language in this sentence? How does it relate to the larger themes of the story?
 How does it relate to larger political and racial tensions that we are currently grappling with as a country?
 – MLA formatting (Links to an external site.) – a minimum of 6 pages
 – Works Cited
 Obama’s speech in the prompt is Obama’s Eulogy for John Lewis here’s a link: Or Other
Resources & Readings:
 – One topic is the attached file which is The American Dream.
The other optional topic is it can be an article and current events from the BlackLivesMatter website:


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