Based on your knowledge of operating systems, identify your plan for upgrading the office computers to the new Windows.


Part 1 (Your Paper must have at least 2 pages in the body (the body of the paper is below the Cover page); the inclusion of the 2 pages in the body of the paper will ensure that you will meet the basic requirements in steps 4 and 5.)


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The Customer Service department of the XYZ Corporation is undergoing an upgrade. You have been tasked by your supervisor to prepare all office computers for software upgrading and all users for learning the new software. In order to complete this task, you must first discover how to identify the operating system of each computer and how to navigate within the operating system. Beginning with your own computer, use the steps below to achieve this goal. Next, identify your plan for updating the software of the office computers and your recommendation for training the users per your supervisor’s request.


To engage you in the process of achieving the goal of knowledge acquisition regarding your computer system, you will develop a plan to research the type of system you have, prioritizing your plan according to the scenario listed above and the questions listed below. Your process should demonstrate self-awareness, planning and prioritizing when establishing and carrying out the goals. The goals and plans to achieve this knowledge should be well developed and in depth. The assignment must be in Standard English and demonstrate superior organization.

Based on what you learned regarding your own computer system, be sure to include your prioritized plan for preparing all the office computers for the software upgrade and all users for learning the new software as directed by your supervisor.

Operating System and Preferences Assignment Instructions

Step 1: Determine the operating system of your computer or laptop.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of your system’s properties window and place in a Microsoft Word

Step 3: Add a cover page to the Word Document. Include the Title of the assignment (example: Operating Systems), your first and last name, name of university, and (date of assignment)

Step 4: In the same Microsoft Word document where you placed a screenshot of your properties window, compose a paper identifying your computer’s operating system elements.

Step 5: Use the questions below to explain, why it is important to understand what your operating system is, and what it can or cannot support.

Answer the following questions in your paper:

What is your Operating System (OS)?

Why is it important to know the OS of your computer?

How much memory (RAM) does your current system have?

Why is it important to ensure you have enough RAM?

What is the processor speed on your computer?

Why would you need a faster processor?

Step 6: Based on your knowledge of operating systems, identify your plan for upgrading the office computers to the new Windows. (Use the knowledge you gained from answering the questions in Step 5).

What recommendation would you give to your supervisor for updating the software and training the users based on your knowledge of operating system elements?

What is the plan for upgrading the software in the office computers?

How would you go about training the users in the use of the new software?


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