BDWC Build Verses Buy Workbook

Topic: BDWC Build Verses Buy Workbook Week 5 – Assignment BDWC Build Verses Buy Workbook.Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the Bright Day Wellness Center (BDWC)case study and each tab in the Build versus Buy Tool Microsoft Excel workbook beginningwith the purpose and instructions and including the total cost of ownership (TCO calculator) andthe tab showing graphical results. Analyze the challenge scenario presented in the case studyregarding the acquisition of a technology platform to schedule clients for services at BDWC as wellas the financial information in the BDWC case study.When completing the Workbook,Analyze the workbook instructions located in the first Microsoft Excel worksheet tab labeled“Purpose & Instructions.”Develop the second Microsoft Excel worksheet for both a build and buy option in the tablabeled “TCO Calculator” by inputting data from the Bright Day Wellness Center (BDWC) casestudy.Input financial data in dollars into the “TCO Calculator” worksheet tab in cells which arerelevant to the case study; do not delete rows or columns in the TCO Calculator worksheet;leave any nonapplicable cells blank.Articulate brief comments that explain your numbers in each row where you input data in theTCO Calculator by right clicking on the cell and adding a new comment in it for the applicablerow.Formulate an impression of which option (build versus buy) is costlier in its initial state and overtime by observing your calculated results in the worksheet tab labeled “Results.”Critique the TCO results for reflection in your Week 5 Journal entry.The BDWC Build Versus Buy Microsoft Excel workbook must be uploaded to the classroom in itsentirety including the three worksheets: Purpose and Instructions, TCO Calculator, and Results.

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