Below is a Webquest. Use the internet and/or your readings to answer ALL of the

Below is a Webquest. Use the internet and/or your readings to answer ALL of the questions asked, then TYPE your answers as a journal entry. DO NOT UPLOAD A DOCUMENT. You MUST number and type your responses as a journal entry.
TOTAL VALUE : 20 points US History – The 60s Web Quest Use the internet OR your readings to answer the questions below.
Use: or your book
What do the following parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act address? 1. Title 1-
2. Title 2 –
3. Title 3 –
4. Title 4 –
5. Title VII –
Fact Check: (Fill in the blanks): 6. _____________________________________________________ was a set of domestic programs in the United States launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964–65. The main goal was the elimination of poverty and racial injustice.
7.__________________________ and 8. _____________________ were 2 new programs helped elderly and low-income people pay for health care.
9. The ______________________________, created under Kennedy, aimed to help less-developed nations fight poverty by sending Americans to provide humanitarian services
10. The ___________________ Offensive during Vietnam War, a huge North Vietnamese surprise attack during the 1968 holiday, was a turning point in the war.
11. The _________________________ was built in the capital of Germany in 1961 to keep citizens from escaping to the West.
Match each person with their description – Place the number of the correct answer next to the description
You will NOT use all the terms.
12. Vietnamese revolutionary and communist who wanted freedom for the country of Vietnam from the French. ____
13. Decided to end US involvement in the war. He first began removing troops from Vietnam in July of 1969. ____
14. From NASA – First man to walk on the Moon ____
15. Labor leader, civil rights activist, co-founded NFWA ___
16. Castro-supporter charged with killing President Kennedy ___
17. Soviet leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis ____
A. Neil Armstrong B. Ho Chi Minh C. Cesar Chavez D. Nikita Khruschev
E.Richard Nixon F. Lee Harvey Oswald G. Martin Luther King Jr.
H. Malcolm X
I. Bobbly Seales J. John F. Kennedy K. Bobby Kennedy L.Ghandi In a MINIMUM of 50 words per TERM, Explain each 60s event: 18. Cuban Missile Crisis
19. March on Washington
20. You’ve all heard of “hippies”. In at LEAST 150 words, explain what the hippies in the ’60s were all about. Who were they? Characteristics?

The post Below is a Webquest.
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