Benchmark – IT Project, using Software to Manage Risks


Most organizations use software to create, update, and distribute information in their risk registers. The risk register is often a simple Microsoft Word or Excel file, but it can also be part of a more sophisticated database. Spreadsheets can aid in tracking and quantifying risks, preparing charts and graphs, and performing sensitivity analysis. Software can be used to create decision trees and estimate expected monetary value.

Create a 7- to 10-slide digital presentation on risk management software for your specific project. Address the following:

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1. What products are available?

2. What are the main advantages of using them in managing projects?

3. What are the main disadvantages?

4. How will your selected product help select strategies to resolve various issues, including conflict management, resource challenges, and change management?

Be sure to include speaker notes to discuss your research findings, and include a reference slide with at least three resources.


Follow Up 3

 When utilizing a research framework, we are developing a guide and overview look at our project, determining all needs, aspects, methods, and design components.  This process is so that we do not miss anything in our process.  Did you follow a preset template or guide, or did you create your own? What are the advantages of reviewing your framework pre, during, and post project?  Did you make any changes when reviewing, what were the changes you made and why?  Was the utilization of this framework what you expected or different from what you expected?